Our standard Hull Units are developed for different sizes of ships and we  currently have a range of stabilizers shaft diameters ranging from 100mm to 360mm.
A hull units contains 2 main hydraulic cylinders that are connected through the tiller on the main shaft to create the required torque on the main shaft. The main
shaft and fins are connected through a tapered hydraulic coupling. The working pressure on the main cylinders can deviate from 140 bar to 210 bar.
Below a list with the current types of Hull units,
Type                  Torque
HU 1000               0,03
HU 1200               0,08
HU 1500               0,09
HU 1500 HD          0,13
HU 1800               0,15
HU 1800 HD          0,22
HU 2200               0,30
HU 2200 HD          0,46
HU 2500               0,53
HU 2500 HD          0,66
HU 3000               0,82
HU 3000 HD          0,97
HU 3600               1,22
HU 3600 HD          1,56
HU 4000               1,82
Hull units can be equipped with or without emmergency centering cylinders. From the HU 1800 model up, this is a standard.
The systems are easy to install and can be mounted in steel, aluminium or GRP hulls.