The controls are designed and build in house. Utilizing the latest digital technology and constantly improving our control algorithms, we keep our leading position, while providing our customers with optimum stabilized vessels.
The ARC3000 electronic stabilizer control system has been the basis of the Quantum highly succesfull line of roll damping equipment. This "still going strong" system is now mainly used for military applications where these sturdy and standardized units are a must. It has been the first control system on the market using a full 3Term+ functionality with proprietary control algorithems for both AtCruise and ZeroSpeed applications. The ARC3000 will be superseded by the SMC4000 control where all the latest technology and glass bridge functionality has been added.
The SMC4000 controls differ from the well-known ARC3000 in the fact that it has a touchscreen and full optional Modbus connections. It can handle the 4 fin systems that are getting more and more common on the larger Superyachts. This "State of the Art" control system is fully adaptive meaning it will optimize the roll damping functionality fully automatic.
Optional is the remote acces function enabling the engineer on board to be connected with the "home" base to check various functions.