It is the people behind Quantum Controls B.V. and Wetech B.V. that are truly the most valuable assets at both companies. Their commitment, dedication and passion for excellence is reflected in the performance of the stabilizing systems and the continued success of Quantum. 
Quantum Controls B.V. and Wetech B.V. work with fully certified personnel and remain committed to training and related exams as required. 
Lambert Dinnissen - Shareholder - Research & Development / CEO
Theo Koop - Shareholder - Research & Development
Hans Ooms - Shareholder - Research & Development
Patrick Boumans - General Manager
Ruud Stam - Finance Controller
Mike Hoogstraten - Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager
Thorsten Quent - Research & Development
Henk van Meijel - Manager Spare Parts / Warehouse
Henk Stegeman - Software Engineer
Gauke Mud - Warehouse / Spare Parts
Conchita Hermsen - Financial Assistant
Jean-Pierre Thoolen - Research & Development
Maurice Veenman - CFD Engineer
Bernhard Cohlst - Electro Engineer