At Quantum Controls B.V., the engineers design and build complete stabilizer systems using an unique combination of expertise and professional skills. In-house 3D engineering and modelling along with parts and model testing allow for high precision manufacturing and compliance with strict specification requirments.
With the ability to build both software and hardware, including electronic controls (both analogue and digital), the specific algorithms and the mechanical and hydraulic components, such as fins, cylinders and manifold blocks, puts Quantum as the market leader in roll stabilization systems.
Quantum Controls focuses on designing of hull unit/actuator assemblies, fins, and focuses on the manufacturing of control systems, and leads the company research and development efforts, including extensive model testing. We rely on state-of-the-art software for 3D modeling, and our in-house engineers work with builders and yards to insure that all equipment is fit for purpose. With 3D-engineering and high precision manufacturing even the most complex components consistently adhere to strict specification requirements.