Quantum Controls B.V. is a member of the global Quantum Group, known for building effective ship stabilizing systems for the yachting, military and commercial markets.
Based in Nuth, The Netherlands, Quantum Controls B.V. partners with Wetech B.V. to design and manufacture the stabilizer controls and fins along with an ongoing focus on product research and development.
Since 2001, the two Dutch companies Quantum Controls B.V. and Wetech B.V. have created an impressive program of components for ship stabilizer systems, providing ship owners and crew with optimal roll damping in various sea states both during sailing and at anchor. Our products can be found in yachts, commercial and navy vessels.
Where Quantum Controls B.V. focusses on the research and development and manufacturing of the electronic control systems, Wetech B.V. specializes in the manufacturing of all the mechanical components of the stabilizer systems.
Quantum Marine Stabilizers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA (QME) is responsible for new construction sales and design, engineering and construction of the hydraulic power systems.
They are also responsible for commisioning new stabilizer systems, documentation, naval architecture and warranty. www.quantumstabilizers.com
Service and parts are handled by Quantum Services (QS) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. QS oversees worldwide service and parts on all Quantum Systems and sales for retrofit projects.